UE4 Quick tip: ‘X-ray’ material

One of my prototypes needed an ability for the player to see certain objects through walls. I didn’t want the objects to be visible at all times, just when the player looked directly at them.

To prevent an object being obscured by the objects in front of it we just need to disable depth testing, which we can do in the object’s material. Set the material’s blend mode to Translucent and tick Disable Depth Test in the Translucency section of the material properties:


Apply the material to a mesh and you’ll be able to see it through whatever objects are in front of it. To make the effect localised I added a very simple bit of maths to the opacity node:


This calculates the distance of the current pixel from the centre of the screen and uses it to determine the opacity – so the pixels fade out as they leave a very narrow radius around the centre.

Here’s a video of the material applied to the Starter Content chair:

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