Builtin A* Pathfinding in Unreal Engine 4.25

A few years back I wrote Neatly replacing NavMesh with A* in UE4 and ever since I’ve had a vague notion that it’s probably gone wildly out-of-date. As it happens I was recently working on another project that would benefit from A* and I noticed UE4 already has an A* implementation called FGraphAStar, so IContinue reading “Builtin A* Pathfinding in Unreal Engine 4.25”

Just Cause-style wingsuit/grapple/gliding

I’ve clocked up over 60hrs on Just Cause 3, and most of it is just gliding about with the wingsuit. There’s something very compelling about that calm beauty intersersed by moments of complete panic as you very nearly smack into a tree/car/tower block. I wanted to have a go at recreating that same feel, and IContinue reading “Just Cause-style wingsuit/grapple/gliding”

VR Hub / Apartment Trashing Simulator

As part of the International Festival for Business last week I helped out at Realspace’s VR hub in the Liverpool Science Centre. Realspace have recently set up, amongst other things providing a space for local businesses to experiment with VR. They knew I was working on a VR game and asked if I could demoContinue reading “VR Hub / Apartment Trashing Simulator”

UE4 Quick tip: ‘X-ray’ material

One of my prototypes needed an ability for the player to see certain objects through walls. I didn’t want the objects to be visible at all times, just when the player looked directly at them. To prevent an object being obscured by the objects in front of it we just need to disable depth testing, which we canContinue reading “UE4 Quick tip: ‘X-ray’ material”

Neatly replacing NavMesh with A* in UE4

[ Update: Builtin A* Pathfinding in Unreal Engine 4.25 ] I’ve been working on a tile-based game recently, and I wanted to use A* for pathfinding (NavMesh is overkill, and not a great fit). I could’ve just written an A* pathfinder and custom AI code that uses it, but I wondered if there might be aContinue reading “Neatly replacing NavMesh with A* in UE4”