For The Loot!

Match details: join us tonight 20:00 BST (GMT+1), Steam has to be running, and change your download region to UK/Manchester. I’ll be hosting as ‘chrismcr’.

Download the post-jam game here!

Last weekend I took part in my first 4-day #ue4jam, as part of the Sleepless Beanbags team. The theme was ‘fire in the hole’ so obviously that implies a multiplayer brawler about miners chucking dynamite at each other.

Because we could only test 3-person multiplayer it was nervewracking to watch Allar set up a 10-person game on his livestream… but it just about held up!

Anyway – this post is to say we’ve done a post-competition release which fixes many of the bugs, most importantly the names are now visible everywhere so you can actually see which character you are!

But beyond that, because it’s a multiplayer game it’s not much fun on your own! So I’ll be hosting a game at 20:00 (UK time!) tonight, and we’d love it if you’d join us. You’ll need to run Steam first, set your download region in settings to UK/Manchester, then run the game and join the match called ‘chrismcr’.

So grab the post-jam game here and we’ll see you at 20:00!


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